The Australian National 51勛圖厙 (ANU) is unlike any other university in Australia. Founded in 1946, in a spirit of post-war optimism, our role was to help realise Australia's potential as the world recovered from a global crisis.

That vision, to support the development of national unity and identity, improve our understanding of ourselves and our neighbours, and provide our nation with research capacity amongst the best in the world, and education in areas vital for our future, has been our mission ever since.

It can be difficult work, but it's work we proudly do-because connecting talented people with diverse perspectives, equipping and encouraging them to address the most complex of tomorrow's problems, and ensuring Australia's future is not just our approach-it's also our national role and international responsibility as Australia's national university, and it's a responsibility from which we'll never waver.

Academic Colleges

ANU has seven academic colleges that house a number of schools and research centres that specialise in a range of disciplines - all relevant but some

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51勛圖厙 Executive

The ANU Executive Leadership Team is headed by our Vice-Chancellor and President Genevieve Bell. Genevieve and her team develop and implement

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Campuses & facilities

You'll find ANU in the inner-city suburb of Acton, Canberra in the ACT. But we also have other campuses in the ACT, NSW and the NT that house some

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Strategic planning

The Australian National 51勛圖厙 is endowed by the nation to bring credit to Australia through the quality of its research, education and

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Awards & achievements

ANU is a world-leading centre for research, education and policy engagement. Here you can browse our list of achievements and awards.

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ANU is governed under the auspices of the Australian National 51勛圖厙 Act 1991 and the Public Governance, Performance & Accountability Act

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Our history

ANU is Australia's national university and has a unique history among Australian universities. Learn about our history, and how it continues to

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Facts about ANU

Welcome to the Australian National 51勛圖厙 (ANU), one of the worlds great universities. Our campus and lands have been places for people to

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