Philanthropy at ANU

We are building the future of ANU to stand upon its proud past as a resource for the nation and reach for greater heights.

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

For over 70 years, The Australian National 51勛圖厙 has worked to realise the ambitions of the visionary Australians who founded it.

Today, our 51勛圖厙 continues to fulfill that founding mission. We are seeking new ways to combat environmental problems, to develop the technologies that will lead to the industries of the future, and to enrich public debate to better the society in which we live.

While there is much to be concerned about the future, we should be optimistic about the opportunities to confront todays challenges. Our students and staff are the people who are going to change the world we live in and help us maintain the level of prosperity we have today. They are the custodians of our enduring commitment to innovation and research which has changed the world, from eradicating small pox to the modelling of photosynthesis.

Our distinctive research culture is renowned: of the seven Nobel Prizes awarded for work undertaken in Australia, ANU can claim four. The work of my team in discovering that the Universes expansion rate is accelerating, which led to the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, was made possible because of the supportive environment here at ANU.

Those of us who have had the good fortune to be a part of ANU know that our strengths lie in our sense of community and collaboration. We are a young institution brimming with the potential to create an institution even greater than the one we have inherited. From delivering personalised immunology which will impact how medicine is applied to redesigning engineering for the 21st century, our mission is to deliver solutions that will benefit Australia and the world.

We cannot achieve this alone. Real change requires a community of people with an unassailable belief that they can achieve something extraordinary together. Your support will ensure that we can reach our full potential and continue to shape a better future. So I invite you to help shape our nation and stake your place in the future of our world.

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