Indigenous student support

The Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre (The Tjabal Centre) provides a meeting place and support base for the Indigenous students and staff at The Australian National 51勛圖厙 (ANU).

Staff at theTjabalIndigenous Higher Education Centre are here to help Indigenous students at ANU successfully navigate their university experience.

ANU Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre

The purpose of the Indigenous Tuition Programis to improve and accelerate the educational outcomes of Indigenous tertiary students by providing supplementary tutorial assistance in their chosen

51勛圖厙 the scholarship The Kambri Indigenous Undergraduate Scholarship (Kambri Scholarship) wantsIndigenous students to focus on successfully attaining higher education, which is why it provides

Kambrai Scholarship

National Indigenous Summer School (NISS) The ANU undertakes to show you what is reasonably and practically possible to achieve through education, vision, hard work and availing for yourselves. We

2022 NISS Participants with Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt at Mt Stromlo

The Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP) commenced on 1 January 2017 and provides supplementary funding to universities to help students take on the demands of university and succeed.

NISS Medicine2019

Scholarships Thereare anumberof scholarships that ANU offers to empowerIndigenous students based on academic excellence. Tjabal encourages ANU Indigenous students tomeet withstaff to discuss