Living spiritually

ANU offers spiritual support for all students, staff and visitors through the ANU multi-faith Chaplaincy. If you have a worry and would like to talk confidentially with someone in whom you can have trust, you are welcome to call in, or make contact by phone or email, and speak with one of our team of chaplains. The team includes representatives from many faith traditions if you would prefer someone of your own faith. If you would like to explore issues of faith generally, we are always ready to talk and we can refer you to other interest groups. If you are new to Canberra and are looking for others of your own faith, we can guide you.

The ANU Chaplaincy is a meeting space and designated Multifaith/Muslim prayer room, available from 10am-4pm during term periods, located at level four, Di Riddell Student Centre in Kambri.The

Spiritual support facilities are available for use by those of all faiths and none. All users and visitors are expected to abide by the User's charter. To abide by the Charter at all times. To

All ANU Chaplains have a currentWorking With Vulnerable People Card. Chaplaincy Team Leader/Coordinator: Mr Robbie Tulip Phone: 0407 866 777 Name

All chaplains at ANU are at all times expected to behave as persons occupying and exercising a position of trust. Our chaplaincy's commitments to users are: To be courteous, caring and professional

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