Finding a job

Take a broad and flexible look at the labour market, both locally and internationally. You are likely to discover opportunities you hadn't thought about.

It takes more than a degree to get a good job. Employers have a clear idea of the skills, knowledge and attributes required to do the job and work in their organisation. Depending on the industry or

Canberra's leading universities ANU, UC & ACU are teaming up every year to bring you Tertiary to Work (TTW) Career Fair, one of the largest and longest running career fairs in Canberra. Domestic

The employment market is undergoing constant change and keeping up to date with trends and expectations often underpins job search success. Take a broad and flexible look at the labour market, both

Why go to networking events?

Finding your first job can be daunting, but hard work will pay off if you start early and actively seek out opportunities to meet a range of employers to find which organisations best suit you. Many

Internships are a form of on-the-job training. They give you the chance to apply your academic skills to a professional work environment. Paid or unpaid, their main focus is on your learning. Think

If you decide that your specialist knowledge and skills are highly marketable and the idea of being self-employed has appeal, consultancy is also an option. Contractors and consultants are

A successful job search is made a whole lot easier if you have put some thought into career planning. Knowing what you want out of a job and what skills you have to offer allows you to assess

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