Careers Toolkit

ANU Careers & Employability has brought you the Careers Toolkit, an online interactive platform on career education which includes many programs to help you build your employability skills. The Careers Toolkit provide you with a range of resources such as interactive programs, virtual lectures, articles on modules to help you visualise and develop your career pathway.

The toolkit offers something for all students no matter what year or level of education they will currently be studying. Explore your options, check the resources and take control of your career now. Whether you're searching for your first career or changing your present career, don't leave your next step to chance! Take advantage of many tools that can help you with your job applications. Also, you will have access to a range of e-learning resources such as videos, articles and interactive modules. We encourage all ANU students to log in & explore the toolkit programmes and tools at their own pace. 

You can access the ANU Careers Toolkit by using your ANU single sign-on credentials if you have already registered in the system before your graduation. Otherwise, please email us ( to register to the portal as an alumnus.

CV builder and cover letter builder

Maximise the impact of your resume and cover letter using comprehensive learning and tools. A good CV is one of the key elements in being shortlisted for interview and, ultimately, being offered the job. This learning path has tips on all areas of your CV, including the structure, personal profile, key skills, achievements, interests and referees sections.

Many employers still expect a cover letter with a CV, so a wise job-seeker should know how to create a cover letter that will grab the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager and make them want to read the accompanying CV or application. 

Elevator Pitch builder

A quick synopsis of your background and experience. It is essential work related information about you: who you are, what you do, and what you want to do.

It can be used to answer the following interview questions:

  • "Tell me about yourself?"
  • "Why should I hire you?"
  • "Why do you want this job?"
  • "Why do you think you will succeed in this position?"

Employability skills courses

Employers are looking for more than just good grades.

Successful job applicants need to show how their skills and experience translate into the business world and that they are able to hit the ground running in a professional work environment.

This category is about developing those core business skills as well as tips to help you to develop your employability in general. This includes short learning programs on key areas such as teamwork, problem solving, time management, presentation skills, numeracy, writing skills, customer awareness and leadership.

Australian industry reports

Discover the key characteristics of the major industries and sectors across Australia.

Here you can select the industry of your choice to view the industry overview, typical salaries, employment SWOT analysis, top employers and the very latest trends, all designed to help you make an informed career decision and prepare for the selection interview process.

Assessment Centre tool

Assessment centres are used by many Australian companies as a part of the recruitment process. They focus on assessing your competencies as you participate in individual and team activities.

This tool provides an overview of assessment centres, offers advice on how to complete the various acrivities and tips on how you can be successful on the day.

Aptitude tests

Numerical, verbal, spatial tests to prepare for assessment centres.

Aptitude tests and assessments have become a common feature of interviews, so it is wise to be prepared for them. In this learning path you will find advice on how to succeed in assessment centres and details on the most popular personality tests that interviewees face at the interview stage.

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