Applications & interviews

Your application should get you to the next stage of the selection process; while an interview is your best chance to demonstrate your skills, motivation, and cultural-fit for the role.

Your resume is your self-marketing tool that aims to convince an employer that you: Can do the job Want to do the job Fit into the organisation's culture By targeting your resume for each

For assistance with addressing selection criteria please see the Careers & Employability Guide and the Careers Toolkit (under Career Tools)on this website.

Organisations that make a relatively large investment in the individuals they hire, including those offering internships and Graduate Programs, may use Assessment Centres to select successful

When you are invited to an interview, the employer has decided you may be suitablefor the position,particularly in relation to the skills and experience needed for the role. The interview provides

Group exercises Group exercises are designed to assess your behaviour and effectiveness in a team. They could include group discussions about a topic determined by the employer or assessor.

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