Research writing

Are you doing Honours, MPhil or a PhD? Writing a thesis, exegesis or a publication? Learn how you can manage a research project from start to finish and communicate its significance with authority.


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Kickstart your project

Embarking on a research project can be a daunting prospect. You may be

Research proposals

If you are applying to undertake a research degree or a degree with a research

Thesis structures

Whether you're writing atraditional thesis, thesis by compilation or an


After the abstract, examiners will usually read your overall thesis

Literature reviews

In research writing, you need to demonstrate how your research makes a

Chapter writing

A chapter is a discrete unit of a research report or thesis, and it needs to


Conclusions are an important opportunity for you to draw together your key

Editing and finishing

When editing a long piece of work such as a thesis, research report, or

Journal article writing

Sharing knowledge is a core principle of academia, and publications are an


During the course of your research program, you willbe required to deliver


The purpose of a poster is to provide a visual summary of your research project

Turnitin Practice site

The Turnitin practice site lets you practice using Turnitin by submitting

Wattle sites

In addition to these research writing webpages, we also provide Wattle sites