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Christos Tsiolkas, the acclaimed bestselling author of狼he Slap畝nd浴amascus, was in conversation with Nigel Featherstone on his tender, sensual and moving new novel, The In-Between, a compelling contemporary love story between two middle-aged men, told with grace, heart and wisdom.

National treasure, Wendy Harmer was in conversation with Alex Sloan on her frank, funny, fearless memoir Lies My Mirror Told Me.

Booker Prize-winning author, Richard Flanagan was in conversation with Virginia Haussegger on his hypnotic and genre-bending new book Question 7. Beginning at a love hotel by Japans Inland Sea and ending by a river in Tasmania, Question 7.

Kate Fullagar was in conversation with John Paul Janke on her book Bennelong and Phillip. A History Unravelled a first joint biography of Bennelong and Governor Arthur Phillip, two pivotal figures in Australian history - the colonised and coloniser - and a bold and innovative new portrait of of both

Robyn Davidson was in conversation with Virginia Haussegger on her memoir, Unfinished Woman, the story of a mother and daughter, of love, loss and the pursuit of freedom.

Miles Franklin award-winning author, Melissa Lucashenko, was in conversation with Alex Sloan on Melissa's new novel Edenglassie, which torches Queensland's colonial myths, while reimagining an Australian future.

Listen to the recording of Isabelle Reinecke who was in conversation with Kim Rubenstein on Courting Power: Law, Democracy & the Public Interest in Australia.

Listen to the recording of Trent Dalton who was in conversation with Sally Pryor on Lola in the Mirror, the heartbreaking and inspiring new novel from the award-winning author of Australia's favourite bestsellers.

David Marr was in conversation with Frank Bongiorno on his new book, Killing for Country: A Family Story, a gripping reckoning with the bloody history of Australia's frontier wars.

Chris Hammer was in conversation with Andrew Leigh on his new novel The Seven, the latest stunning thriller from the bestselling author of Scrublands and The Tilt.

Catharine Lumby was in conversation with Andrew Leigh on her new book Frank Moorhouse. A life, the definitive biography of one of Australia's best-known men of letters.

Leigh Sales was in conversation with Brian Schmidt on her new book Storytellers. Questions, Answers and the Craft of Journalism, in which the highly respected ABC anchor, bestselling author and hit podcaster interviews the cream of Australian journalists about their craft.

Chanel Contos was in conversation with Natassia Chrysanthos on Chanel's new book Consent Laid Bare: sex, entitlement and the distortion of desire, a game-changing book about sex and consent that every woman - and man - should read.

Sam Roggeveen was in conversation with Rory Medcalf on his newbook The Echidna Strategy:Australias Search for Power and Peace.
In the wake of shift in the global power balance, how can Australia best protect itself? The Echidna Strategy overturns the conventional wisdom about Australia's security.

Megan Davis and George Williams was in conversation Mark Kenny on their new book Everything You Need to Know about the Voice. Australians will soon be faced with an important choice. Will they vote Yes to change our nation's Constitution to introduce an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice?

Lea Ypi was in conversation with the Allan Behm on her award-winning book Free. Coming of Age at the End of History, exploring the meaning of freedom - personal, collective, political - from an extraordinary new voice.

Anna Funder was in conversation with the Virginia Haussegger on her new book, Wifedom. Mrs Orwell's Invisible Life, a blazing, genre-bending masterpiece from one of the most inventive writers of our time.

Ryan Cropp was in conversation with Mark McKenna on his new book Donald Horne. A Life in the Lucky Country, a fascinating biography of a brilliant man who captured the nation's imagination and boldly showed Australians who we were and how we could change.

Nick McKenzie was in conversation with Karen Middleton on Nick's new book Crossing the Line, revealing the explosive inside story behind the Ben Roberts-Smith headlines and a testament to the power of investigative journalism.

Comedian and armchair historian Mikey Robins was in conversation with Alex Sloan on Mikey's new book, Idiots, Follies and Misadventures, which reveals that human stupidity has always been our constant companion.