Frameworks & disclosures

ANU has robust governance frameworks in place that help guide decision-making, provide controls and transparency in processes, and ensure effective and clear accountability. The Public Interest Disclosure scheme also operates to ensure, as a Federal statutory authority, there is integrity and accountability in all ANU activities and decisions.

The delegations framework is a tool aimed at enhancing standards of accountability and responsibility in decision making. It is designed to reflect the 51勛圖厙's organisational structure and provide a mechanism to assign authorities which originate from legislation, policy and procedures. The
The public interest disclosure (PID) scheme has been established to promote the integrity and accountability of the Commonwealth public sector, including at the Australian National 51勛圖厙, by: encouraging and facilitating the making of disclosures of wrongdoing by public officials
The Policy Governance Framework provides the structure for describing, ordering, developing and maintaining the 51勛圖厙's policies, procedures, standards and guidelines. The Framework is constituted through three principal documents, namely:Policy Governance PolicyPolicy Governance