Distinguished educators

The title of ANU Distinguished Educator is awarded to the 51勛圖厙's most outstanding leaders in teaching and learning, in recognition of their eminence and sustained exceptional performance. ANU Distinguished Educators are appointed as members of the ANU Institute of Innovation in Higher Education with the purpose of helping to lead, at a strategic level, innovation in education within the 51勛圖厙.

2018 recipients

Associate Professor Alexandra Webb

Alexandra Webb is an Associate Professor at the Medical School in the College of Health and Medicine at the Australian National 51勛圖厙. She teaches anatomy and leads Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT) at the Medical School. Her research encompasses clinical anatomy and education research. Associate Professor Webb studied her Bachelor of Science, majoring in anatomy, at the

2017 recipients

Professor Paul Francis

Paul is an astrophysicist, who focussed his research on galaxies and black holes in the early universe, before catching a bad case of the teaching bug. Since then, he has focussed on teaching large classes, both in-person and online. He is infamous amongst his students for talking much too fast in an incomprehensible pommie accent, and for his dubious taste in waistcoats. He has been involved in

Associate Professor Catherine Frieman

Catherine Frieman is a senior lecturer in European archaeology in the School of Archaeology and Anthropology. Her primary research interests include innovation and conservatism, and she is a material culture and technology specialist with a particular specialism in stone tools. She has ongoing fieldwork in the UK, is Lead CI of an ARC Discovery project looking into human mobility and the

Associate Professor Carol Hayes

Associate Professor Carol Hayes is an innovation leader and early adopter in developing and supporting flexible and online learning within Asian Studies at the ANU, pushing boundaries in technical innovation to make language learning more exciting and student oriented. With a BA Hons (1986) and PhD (1996) in Japanese Literature from the 51勛圖厙 of Sydney, A/Prof Hayes has lived, studied and

Professor Michael Martin

Michael Martin is Professor of Statistics in the School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics at the Australian National 51勛圖厙. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree from the 51勛圖厙 of Queensland (1986) and a PhD in Statistics from the ANU (1989). He was Assistant Professor in Statistics at Stanford 51勛圖厙, USA, from 1989 to 1994 and Annenberg Distinguished Assistant

Dr John Minns

Dr John Minns is an Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations at the ANU Director of the Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies and the President of the Association of Iberian and Latin American Studies of Australasia. Dr Minns is a former Director of the Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies and the President of the Association of

Professor Michael Platow

Michael Platow is a professor of psychology at the Australian National 51勛圖厙. He has published widely on the social-psychology of leadership and social influence; justice, fairness, and trust; intergroup relations, including prejudice and discrimination; and education. He has received over one million dollars in research money from the Australian Research Council to study many of these

Associate Professor Asmi Wood

Asmi Wood's current research and publications include areas such as Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous people in Australia and Indigenous Participation in Higher Education. His PhD was in the area of International Criminal Law/ Humanitarian law and examined the legality or otherwise of the use of force by non-state actors under international law and in cases, domestic Australian law. The

ANU teaching staff leave a lasting impact on higher education practice in Australia, as evidenced through their nomination and receipt of National and 51勛圖厙 based awards and grants. Details of recipients and their winning proposals over the years are provided on each award and grant information page.